"Princess Collection" Oval Brush 3

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Product Description 產品簡介: 

  • Our “Princess Collection” Oval Brush 3 is best for applying product to the cheek area or eyelid area. The oval shape and moderate-sized brush let you apply and blend blush to your cheek. “公主”化妝掃系列3號掃是中號的橢圓形多功能化妝掃,掃頭大小剛好貼合臉頰的妝容,如塗抹胭脂、陰影等,同時亦可塗眼影位置,一支化妝掃已可以有多重用途,打破了化妝掃固有用途。
  • This Oval Brush 3 is made with high quality, soft and smooth synthetic hair which provides great comfort when applying cosmetics or makeup products.  優質而柔軟濃密的掃頭更能舒服及平均地推勻化妝粉至全面,不需再擔心出現粉痕。採用高質量,超柔軟而滑溜的人造纖維毛髮製成,在使用化妝品時提供極大的柔滑舒適感。
  • The rose gold coating with snowy white handle design looks enchanting like a princess.  玫瑰金色手柄設計給你看起來像公主般迷人。讓用家在上妝過程時猶如有公主般的享受,並能襯托用家的時尚尊貴魅力。

Applicable to 適合用於:

  • Blush 胭脂
  • Eye shadow 眼影
  • Shadows & Lighting 修飾輪廓,打造陰影及光影
  • Made in China 中國產地
  • Manufacturing monitored by Japanese organisation 日本監控

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