Makeup Brushes Bathing Mat - Blue

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For all kinds of makeup brushes!

Easy, Fast, Completely Clean!


Product Description 產品簡介: 

  • This professional brush bathing mat was specially designed to be a quick, easy and effective way to deep clean your makeup brushes. 獨特設計的星星兔洗掃墊,使快速地及容易地深層潔淨你的化妝掃。
  • With 7 different patterns on the surface, this mat provides textures that could give you a complete cleaning process for cleaning both your face brushes and eye brushes. 洗掃墊的表面擁有7種不同的圖案紋理設計,這個獨有的設計可以為您提供一個完整及徹底乾淨的洗掃過程。
  • Enjoy the cleaning process by using only a small amount of cleaning solution. 只需少量的清潔劑並跟隨簡單步驟便能享受好玩愉快的洗掃過程。


    Washing Steps 洗掃步驟: 

    1. Place the mat in the sink and fit it in an upright position and secure the suction cups onto the sink surface.. 把洗掃墊放於洗手盆並吸好。
    2. To wash, add water and a small amount of the cleaning solution to the mat. Then swirl the brush on ‘Wash’ texture to begin deep cleaning. 弄濕掃具並加入少量的清潔劑在洗掃墊上,把化妝掃於墊上"Wash" 區域打圈清洗。
    3. To rinse, place the brush under running water and sweep it back and forth on the ‘Rinse’ texture of the mat to remove makeup residue and soap. 把掃具放於流水下並在墊上"Rinse"區前後打掃以潔淨掃上的殘餘物。
    4. To refine, swirl brush on the ‘Refine’ texture of the mat for extra deep cleaning. Rinse. 如需深層潔淨,可於墊上"Refine" 區域再進行深層清潔。
    5. Gently squeeze brush head with your hand to remove excess water.用手輕輕擠壓刷頭以除去多餘的水分。

    Product Size 產品尺寸: 24.7cm (w) x 21.5cm (h)
    Product Size with packing 產品尺寸連包裝:  28cm (w) x 23.5 (h)

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